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It’s worth the wait

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Have you seen that advert with the two funny looking creatures, sitting by the side of a lake…I think it’s for some beer or something? Anyway…the things with the boggley eyes are called mudskippers and some arrived this morning!

They’re brilliant, they’re fish that can live out of water – what more can you ask for. They’re amazing!

Mark (Aquarist)

Is Lakes Aquarium harbouring a joy rider?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Is this a joy riding sturgeon? There was fun and games in the Lake tank again today when an old friend of the aquarium decided to point out the diving ducks while walking above the lake tank.You really shouldn’t do this while holding your car keys!

There was a gentle splash and soon the keys were making there way to the depths of the tank.I of course was on hand to take pictures of the unfortunate event and it was my job to tap on the glass and prevent the sturgeon from indulging in what it believed to be the new brand of fish food.

Scott with his diving outfit, flippers and a net was in the nick of time before a phone call was necessary to the insurance company explaining that Brian’s car keys had been eaten by a fish. I bet that’s not an excuse they hear every day! 


Marketing and PR Co-ordinator



Our Hero, Alan

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Just heard the good news…Alan won Cumbira Tourism’s Unsung Hero award last night! Him and Sylvia went to the swanky award ceremony in Kendal… and they even walked up a red carpet…our very own Posh and Becks! But seriously, Alan is a great handyman.

And he might just have been crowned Cumbria Tourism’s Unsung Hero…..but he’s ALWAYS been my hero!