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Friday, February 13th, 2009

Lakes Aquarium now has a Facebook page. You can become a fan of the Aquarium and upload photos and even video clips. Click on the Facebook logo below to go to our profile.

You can also upload your photos to the Lakes Aquarium website. Just hover over the 'Interact' link in the main menu and click on 'Photo Gallery'. There are 2 links on the page to upload your images.

We would particularly like to see childrens drawings and paintings of our creatures. Just scan them and upload them into the Photo Gallery, we can't wait to see some!


Find us on Facebook

Moving day for the caiman

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Watch your fingers Warren!It has been an exciting day for our caiman as he has been relocated to a much larger tank.The new tank has been specially designed by our team of aquarists and allows our fast growing caiman more room to explore.

They say that moving house is a stressful event and this was certainly the case for Mark our aquarist who had to handle the caiman while making sure he stayed away from his sharp teeth. Thankfully the move went to plan and no blood was shed.