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Meet our displays manager Chris!

Monday, November 29th, 2010


Full Name: Christopher James Hill
Job Title:  Displays and Maintenance manager
Age:  25

What does the role entail:   I am responsible for all aspects of animal care and welfare, and also pushing and developing our displays on to an even brighter future. At the same time, I’m responsible for all conceivable aspects of maintenance on the site.

What excites you most about your new job: Creativity, the chance to make whatever I can think of come to life! Complete displays are living art.

What was your previous role: I worked previously at the Oceanarium in Bournemouth, firstly as a welcome host, and then an aquarist. I’ve also done a random range of jobs in the past; I’ve been a waiter, painter and builder, bookseller, worked in IT and had a go at photography!

How do you feel about moving to Cumbria:    Cumbria is a beautiful place to live, so I’m very happy. I will be investing in a mountain board for summer, snow board for winter, and a kayak for the lakes.

With what type of creature do you most enjoy working with and why: I enjoy working with the marmosets; they are very intelligent and curious. As I’m new, they are stand-offish, but I’m sure we will get on well in the future. Aside from them, I’m interested in all kinds of animals, at the Oceanarium my speciality was invertebrates (any critters without a spine), and marine animals (Those in the sea).

Which is your favourite aquarium/zoo in the world: The most impressive aquarium in the world is probably either Monterey bay in America, or Okinawa Churaumi in Japan. Some of their tanks are just mind –bogglingly huge. I’d recommend you look up some photos online. As for zoos, check out Blackpool zoo, who’ve had baby otters and a gorilla born this year!