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Calf of Man Island Seal Survey

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Sarah one of our aquarists was sent on a special mission in October to help monitor seal pups on Calf of Man a remote island off the Isle of Man.

The Calf of Man is of great importance due to it being a recognised breeding site of grey seals and is therfore an ideal base for a pup census, photo ID and behavioural observations.

In order to complete the survey Sarah was away from the trappings of modern civilisation for a whole week. No mobile phone to call home, no internet, no motor transport and no hot showers, actually no showers at all!

The day she landed on the island by the once weekly boat delivering supplies she was hit by the enormity of the task ahead but soon she found the bunk barn and met some of the islands wardens and all was well.

The days on the island consisted of daily walks of the island plotting locations of new seal pups and their mothers. Once found the new mothers were monitored which involved many an hour sitting still on rocks and watching and reporting on the seals behaviour patterns. The birds on the island were so unused to humans that they were unafraid and were known to land on her as she sat.

After a week of monitoring she was pleased to see the arrival of a number of new pups and felt her physical fitness improve as she walked the many miles of the island by foot.

Sarah had a wonderful time monitoring the seals and looks forward to many future adventures, watch this space for more missions!