NEW leaf cutter ants!

A whole colony of these ants has been brought in from Trinidad and is now living in a fabulous new Leaf Cutting Ants display in the centre of Lakes Aquarium’s Rain Forest zone.

Lakes Aquarium, based at Lakeside, on Windermere’s southern shore, has a display differing from many others, as visitors can watch the ants working underground.  All parts of the ants’ activity can be viewed: gathering leaves, transporting these back to the underground nest
and converting the leaves to fungus.

Looking into the nest, as if underground, gives visitors a great opportunity to see something they will probably never see again.  They can also watch an individual ant’s long walk to the feeding table, tracking its progress, if they wish, as it carries a leaf back to the nest. 

With the assistance of the explanations given during Lakes Aquarium’s Rainforest talks, both adults and children can also learn why Leaf Cutting Ants are the animal world’s great recyclers.

Rainforest talks take place at 12.45pm and 2.30pm and involve creature handling as well as a focus on the ants and other creatures in this zone.  The lively talks bring the world of creatures to life and finding out more about the ants is sure to be a top priority for visitors.

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