World’s First Virtual Dive Bell

Discover the world’s first Virtual Dive Bell, and experience a spectacular interactive adventure. Come face to face with awesome creatures including a terrifying shark, charging hippo and fierce crocodile – without getting wet!

Take part in a series of animated experiences, games and challenges; help to incubate virtual crocodile eggs, and watch in wonder as they hatch before your eyes, or witness the birth of a virtual hippo. Tremble as the crocodile performs a death roll and prepare for the hippo to charge!

This stunning piece of technology, incorporates state of the art CG graphics displayed on three semi-spherical screens. Each screen measures an impressive 2 meters in diameter – providing a unique and totally absorbing insight into life in murky waters.

Here are just a few amazing facts you can discover when using the Dive Bell

  • Nile crocodiles normally dive underwater for just a couple of minutes, but can stay submerged for up to 2 hours when resting!
  • The crocodile has an average life span of 70-100 years, and has the strongest bite of any animal, at over 5000 pounds per square inch it’s almost 15 times more powerful than a Rottweiler’s bite.
  • Sharks get new teeth every two weeks and can get through several thousand in a life time.
  • Hippos need to consume around 68kg of grass per night, and can weigh 1.5 tonnes.
  • Sleeping hippos rise to the surface every three minutes without waking!
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Lakes Aquarium is a fun, friendly all weather attraction situated at Lakeside, near Newby Bridge and the south end of Lake Windermere. Offering day trips for all the family when combined with a trip on a steam train or cruise. The Aquarium offers wheelchair access and we welcome educational visits and group bookings.